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Dear visitor, dear tour operator,

welcome to my profile. My name is Fabio Bergonzini, I am 32 years old and I work as tour guide here in my native Emilia-Romagna region.

It’s now several years since I first began leading sightseeing tours and walks to both Italian and international tourists, having since developed a personal experience in communication skills and interaction strategies to welcome visitors, introducing them to the precious cultural heritage of our territory as well as trying to make their travelling experience as enjoyable and memorable as ever.

My education has been centred on humanities and human sciences. I am doctor of archaeology, my studies and research spanning topography and iconography of Italy in pre-Roman and republican-Roman era. I always nurtured a genuine interest in languages, I am fluent in both German and French languages, as well as basic Japanese. I undertook several book translation professional services, too.

I possess a very open and extrovert personality. What I love the most about my profession is the chance of encountering many different cultural realities, as well as mixing my own interest for cultural heritage with daily practise of foreign languages.

My purpose is not just showing visitors around. What I consider most important is sharing the extraordinary experience of Italian cultural heritage, in order for visitors to really get to know it as well as feeling part of it.

When leading a tour, I always take into account peculiar interests of the group or individual visitors requesting my services. This proves to be largely necessary, Emilia Romagna territory offering many different kinds of attractions, from richest cultural sightseeing to world-renowned food and wine culture, from exploration of lavish nature up to music and motors. Each time, in order to encounter different expectations, I’m keen on planning and working on itineraries perfectly tailored to visitors’ curiosities and expectations, arranging experiences inspired to Italian culture. Far from traditional sightseeing, I vividly encourage tourists to experience moments of genuine Italian folklore and traditions, which I’m keen on arranging, letting themselves being inspired by the magic spirit of our territory. Therefore, please get in touch with me in order to plan and study itineraries and arrangements most suitable to you or your clients.

I shall invite you to discover not just the great cultural treasures of Emilia Romagna, but that unique, warm and always-embracing lifestyle, welcoming and perfectly tailored to people’s needs, typical of our cities and small towns. A unique spirit, born from the Italian taste for excellency as well as memories of our glorious, ancient past.

A true Emilian lifestyle immortalized on big screen by great, world-renowned cinema stars as Federico Fellini, Fernandel and Gino Cervi. A landscape of cities, villages, countryside and their inhabitants made absolutely timeless.

Let yourself being inspired by a land of music, where glorious notes of Maestro Luciano Pavarotti’s voice still fill Modena and its Comunale Theatre, where splendours and dramatic emotions of Giuseppe Verdi’s operas can still be heard echoing in Parma’s Regio Theatre, and far, up to Po river and countryside surrounding his native hometown of Busseto.

A ‘land of motors’ where a large number of world most renowned car racing teams saw light of day at the beginning of the 20th century, and here still headquartered: Lamborghini and Ducati still located in Bologna whereabouts, Maserati moved to near Modena. Cradle of Ferrari ‘Red’ race cars myth, here you will follow Enzo’s footsteps, from his birthplace up to nearby Maranello headquartered factory, reliving one of the most successful stories of unprecedented success in both engineering and car racing the world has ever known.

I shall invite you to discover the extraordinary cultural heritage of Emilia Romagna. Ancient land where Etruscans first settled in - Etruscan town of Marzabotto, Spina – shortly followed by Romans – important ruins in all major cities located along Via Emilia, town of Veleia – the region claims the privilege to host a number of three prestigious World Heritage Sites.

Let yourself be amazed by the transparencies and exquisite, refined plays of light on Ravenna world-renowned mosaics. Last capital city of Roman Western Empire, the city will offer you a glimpse of the splendours and prestige of the Roman civilization that defined Western culture. In Ferrara and Parma, refinements, luxuries and lavishes of Estense and Farnese court will let you relive the unique atmospheres of opulence of two of the most prestigious Renaissance families of all Europe.

I reccomend you to take a stroll along the almost 25 miles of porticos encompassing Bologna town centre, as well as climbing the top of Asinelli tower or San Luca Sanctuary, in order to enjoy a view you’ll never forget all over the roofs of the still perfectly preserved town medieval centre. Let yourself be seduced by the fascination of its imposing monuments and the superb glory of a town that stood up to Frederick II, German Emperor, seat of the most ancient university of the Western world.

In Bobbio, Parma and Piacenza you’ll manage to relive the fascination of the glorious age of the cathedrals. Precious as a reliquary, enclosed by nothing but white marble, Modena Cathedral still stands as symbol of all Romaneque cathedrals of Po valley area, sculptor Wiligelmo having created here a model of new cultural renaissance after Early Middle Ages.

Formed around private collections of ruling Houses of the territory, rich and prestigious art museums – Art Galleries, National Galleries, National Archaeological Museums – will offer you a chance to relive the heritage of a glorious past as well as experimenting a culture unique on the whole Italian scenario.

Eating is art. I shall invite you to taste the most authentic spirit of our territory, right at the dinner table. Be part of an extraordinary symphony of incomparable, world-renowned wine and food excellences, 41 PDO and PGI specialities ranging from traditional balsamic vinegar to Parmigiano-Reggiano and Parma prosciutto. Savour gourmet’s favourites as tortellini, tagliatelle and cotechino: you will be seduced by the most incredible and diverse foodservice, ranging from Michelin-starred restaurateurs to traditional house cooking.

You shall discover secrets of traditional Parmigiano cheesemaking, winemaking and ham-producing. Treat yourself with the privilege of entering Modena’s most secretive balsamic vinegar aging attics, admiring the making process of a world-renowned food icon. Explore our traditional kitchens, arm yourself with a rolling pin and learn all the secrets of fresh pasta-making by taking a class with our tremendous sfogline, the pasta ladies!

‘I followed gradma’s recipe’ is a constant in Italian gastronomy.

Here in Emilia Romagna it means much more, though. It is a must, simply.