Micol Mazzeo

Italian, English

My name is Micol and I have been living in Bologna since my early years, when I was attending the “Edmondo De Amicis”, the first public elementary school built in the city dating back 1898. I then graduated in Communication sciences at the University of Bologna (the oldest in Europe!), with full marks and laude.
My passions are travels, art, history, and local cultures; I particularly love to communicate and interact with people. In 2006 I founded the cultural association Geniusloci with the purpose to promote the knowledge of my region. In 2013 I decided to turn my passions into a profession and I became an authorised tourist guide. So here I am waiting for you to visit Bologna and its region together!
My love for this city has grown bigger year after year. By now, every time I come back from a trip I experience such a comforting homey, welcoming, feeling.
The more I spend time planning new ways to present Bologna to the public the more I realise what a rich cultural heritage this city has to offer. The chance to work in such an environment represents a heavy burden, but a great privilege as well.