Maria Grosso

Tel. 3496765721
Guide and Tour Leader
Italian, English, Spanish

I have an outgoing personality, good sense of humor and relate well to others, I am a person with natural radiance, courteous, practical and concrete, dynamic, creative, flexible and independent, who studied, worked and lived for many years mainly abroad: 9 years in London, UK and 4 years in Valencia, Spain, with the great spirit of initiative, adaptability and team spirit, extroverted, sociable and communicative that relates well and easily in all situations and easily with people. I am a fit and healthy person who enjoys working with the public, I have a good aptitude for contacts with the public, always work with enthusiasm, precision and dedication, I am deeply committed to work well together and always try to find new challenges in my daily work appreciating and valuing what you I do. During this time abroad, through sheer persistence and determination I succeeded in gaining valuable work experience in a foreign land: I developed good analytical and procedures skills; excellent organizational skills and team leader, orientation to the "Problem Solving"; Ability to work well "Under Pressure"; Effective ability to work well both individually and in groups; The ability to always deal with customers in a clear, concise and useful manner in order to offer always an excellent service to the best of my ability to satisfy clients and meet their needs and expectations, and at the same time the company's philosophy.

Visited foreign countries: Europe: Greece, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, England, Ireland, Canary Islands: Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria Balearic Islands: Palma de Mallorca United States: California: San Francisco, Los Angeles , San Diego, Oklahoma (Tulsa) Mexico, Caribbean: Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba Africa: Kenya, Cape Verde, Tunisia, Egypt, Asia and Indian Ocean: India, Thailand, Maldives.

INTERESTS: Travel, languages ​​and foreign cultures, art, dance, theater, cinema, music, reading