Margherita Ascolano

Tel. 3381260741
Italian, English

If you give a look to my website, it may happen to find out a weird definition of myself: "artistic guide", because my own job is deeply connected with the idea of being able to tell people the past and present curiosities through Art in all its manifestations, from history to entertainment, painting, music and so on.. The traditional style, with its old and dusty manners, it doesn’t suits me! Coming from Latina, a city once founded by Ferrara people, it’s nice to see the contemporary beauty and trace of it in the places I’m living in now, in order to give tourists the unique opportunity to feel anything they walk through from a double perspective. I also love to put customers at ease and make them feel like they're back on a school trip, always feeling free to enjoy their time at 360 °. Last but not least, as a Brand Ambassador of local products it’s always nice to talk about the national dishes, planning tasty food and wine walking tours or arts and crafts events.