Ann Marie Goossens

Tel. 3315958396
Italian, English, French, Dutch

Studies at the high school (Life and Pax College) in Antwerp, Belgium. Studies completed in 1982
Marketing and Public Relations School in Brussels, Belgium (Willemfonds 1985-87)
Product Manager for Editorial Magazines "Interscript" (Antwerp 1986 -1988 )
Public Relation Agent for Hilton International Brussels 1988-1989)
Bologna Tourist Guide (1990-1995)
Hispanics studies at Complutense University of Madrid (1996/1997)
Master in Marketing - ES1C Madrid (1998/1999)
Equestrian Dressage Judge and trainer for the Para-Equestrian discipline at the "Real Federacion Hipica Espanola" (1999-2011)